Master thesis:

Topic Description Student Status
AI assisted Software Engineering PDF AVAILABLE
Automatic generation of Synchronization Primitives for Multithreaded Programs PDF AVAILABLE
Visualization approach for Expressing Synchronization Intentions PDF AVAILABLE
Testing performance of Microservices on Edge PDF Raghad Matar COMPLETED
A Methodology for adopting Continuous Integration in Practice based on Architectural Design Patterns PDF Fahd Helwani COMPLETED
Continuous Testing Approach for Finding Data Races in Linux-based Industrial Embedded Systems PDF Volkan Doganci COMPLETED
Approach for predicting Effects of adopting Machine Learning in traditional Embedded Systems on their System Architecture PDF Robin Roitsch COMPLETED
Generation of Test Cases in Multithreaded Software that Satisfy Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC) PDF Jake Ekel COMPLETED
Guidelines for migration of concurrent software with lock synchronization primitives to lock-free software PDF Khuram Ali COMPLETED
Reducing Power Consumption in a Multicore LoRaWAN Embedded System PDF Gurpreet Kaur COMPLETED
Extracting Concurrency-Related Architectural Properties from Software Implementation PDF Monireh Pourjafarian COMPLETED
Interactive design space exploration of multithreaded software deployment properties with visualization techniques PDF Muhammad Zeeshan COMPLETED
Manufacturer-Specific Software Development Tools Versus Off-the-Shelf Tools and Their Influence on Software System Architecture PDF Peter Enbrecht COMPLETED
Finding Concurrency Bugs in AUTOSAR APIs PDF Varun Kumar COMPLETED
A case study: Migration of a bare metal deployed, single channel safety control system to a Real Time Operating System – Challenges and benefits PDF COMPLETED
Distributed Work Scheduling for low power multicore DSP PDF Prasanna V Kannan COMPLETED
Development of "Steer by Angle" system for subjective testing of steering system in Driving Simulator PDF COMPLETED
Development of an application for autonomous outdoor navigation using ROS PDF Milosz Pellowski COMPLETED

Bachelor projects:

Topic Description Student Status
Framework for Targeted Tracing of Software Execution with Debug Symbols PDF AVAILABLE
GitHub Application for Continuous Engineering PDF AVAILABLE
Improving Performance of LLVM Interpreter PDF AVAILABLE
Support for LLVM Interpreter to run multithreaded applications PDF AVAILABLE